Ready to Sell?

I would like to thank you for considering and trusting Pioneer Auction & Realty LLC to sell your property, business or estate.

We have extensive knowledge of the different types of land and the best way to market and sell your land. Not only are we landowners, we have cattle and horses, enjoy wetting a hook every once in a while, and being in the woods.

Your home is a part of you, whether you have lived there a few months or many years. You are leaving memories behind but wish the next family will make their own. Let us find that family for you.

Many years you have enjoyed the good times and worried during slow periods. Long hours, hard work, sweat and determination have kept your doors open. But now it’s time to close your business and pursue other things in life. I know because I’ve been around not only my parent’s business but others, all my life. We will tailor the best way to liquidate your business and inventory.

Estates are any families hardest and most emotionally difficult to deal with. We at Pioneer Auction & Realty LLC understand. What are we going to do with Daddy’s collection? What about Mom’s? I think the house and land is worth good money but how much? These are the questions we run into on a regular basis. All estates are different, so let’s get together and go over “all” options to settle the estate.